Welcome to Agora


The Agora Projects, LLC builds solar-powered, wifi-enabled pavilions that provide solar energy, internet access, and human connection to communities, companies, and universities. Agora Pavilions were created using evidence-based design techniques that result in increased productivity, job satisfaction and decreased stress levels. Our customizable design allows users to choose the features that best fit their needs.

In Ancient Greece, Agoras were central places for civic engagement. Our modern day Agoras are community spaces that provide solar energy, internet access, and human connection. We believe that your environment is integral to your well-being. Whether that means being your best at work, school, or your local park. Agora is a space for you to thrive in.

Learn why our Agoras are gaining local and international recognition for social and environmental impact. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our organization, find out about industry updates and discover the growing enthusiasm behind our initiatives.