Each solar-canopied Agora is entirely customizable to customer specification. The basic structure of each Agora includes a vinyl solar canopy, metal framework, and concrete foundation, and many additional features are available. They can be built nearly anywhere on earth.

Agoras can be beautiful, therapeutic spaces on corporate or hospital campuses, community education centers in underserved areas, civic gathering places for markets or performances, or even elegant, private solar structures on personal properties.

Agoras can be built using local artisans and materials for much of the construction, including the landscape, pathways, seating, batteries & pylons. Only the aluminum arches (90% recycled content), solar PV fabric, LED lighting, tablets and system controls must be imported. All landscaping can feature native plants in order to conserve water. The solar canopy can also power a well pump to irrigate the landscape. The 98% impermeable surface helps to control storm water run-off and recharge natural aquifers.

The construction is zero-waste. The ongoing operations emit zero pollution and have zero carbon impact. In fact, the Agora can reduce net carbon emissions by allowing telecommuting, distance learning, ‘heat island’ reduction and carbon absorption through it’s landscaping.